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Data Wisdom Exploration!


FlowingData - “FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better - mainly through data visualization.”

[Data Visualization]

How the manner in which we visualize data is as important as the means we use

to analyze it.

Information Is Beautiful - “Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized!” 

[Data Visualization]

Using data to help us better understand the world by revealing hidden connections, patterns, stories, and more.

Jeff Jonas - “A collection of thoughts on information management and privacy in the information age, injected with a few personal stories.” 

[Information Management and Privacy]

One of the world’s top experts on data analytics and related fields shares his thoughts and insights.

Chart Porn - “Data visualizations you just gotta love.” 

[Data Visualization]

Beauty and knowledge from charts, graphs, maps, and interactive visualizations.

Kaggle - “We’re making data science a sport.” 

[Data Analysis, Prediction, and Visualization]

Turning data analysis and prediction into a contest, where bright minds around the world can work to solve data-related problems.

Information Aesthetics - “Where form follows data.” 

[Data Visualization]

Exploring the symbiotic relationship between creative design and information visualization.

Open Knowledge Foundation - “Promoting Open Knowledge in a

Digital Age” [Open and Transparent Data]

Working to achieve the global availability and usefulness of open data that is free to access, redistribute, and reuse.


The Joy of Stats

[Data Analysis and Visualization]

Wonderful 2010 BBC documentary with Professor Hans Rosling, showing how there’s nothing boring about data and statistics, and how important they can be.

The Information Machine (1958) - Charles and Ray Eames [Historical]

A classic animated look at how our lives have been shaped by information throughout all of human history, as viewed from half a century ago.

The Risks and Beauty of the Hyper-Public Life [Predictive Analytics]

The benefits and challenges of our increasingly “data-driven” lives.

2010 Census Data Visualization: Interactive Population Map [Data Visualization]

The U.S. Census Bureau’s visualization tools for understanding population changes and related demographic data.

Hans Rosling: No More Boring Data: TEDtalks [Data Visualization]

Making data exciting, more understandable, and more useful through visualization tools.

The Value of Data Visualization [Data Visualization]

A short introduction to the importance and benefits of visualizaton tools in many fields.

TEDxUofM - Jameson Toole - Big Data for Tomorrow 

[Data Analysis and Visualization]

Understanding patterns in human behavior and dynamics via Web-based behavioral data.


The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery (Microsoft)

[Essays on Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery]

This freely downloadable book features a broad range of essays discussing many facets of data-related analysis, science, computing, privacy, and related policy issues.

The Information (James Gleick) 

[“A History. A Theory. A Flood.” - Humanity and Information]

A fascinating survey and analysis of mankind’s history dealing with information, from ages ago to today and beyond.

Articles, Essays, and Reports

How Big Data Will Help Manage a World of 7 Billion People 

Katie Fehrenbacher - [Data Analysis and Visualization]

Eight examples of how “big data” analytics and tools will help deliver crucial resources to the world’s expanding population.

Mobile Landscapes: Using Location Data from Cell Phones for Urban Analysis 

Carlo Ratti, Riccardo M. Pulselli, Sarah Williams, Dennis Frenchman

[Data Analysis and Visualization]

Helping to solve congestion and other ubiquitous urban problems via cell phone location data.

The $3 Million Heritage Health Prize: Big Data Enhancing Wellness

Across the World 

Kit Dotson - [Data Analysis and Visualization]

Analysis of data toward the goal of predicting health-related trends and solving healthcare problems around the world.

Opt-In Dystopias 

Nicklas Lundblad, Betsy Masiello - [Data Collection Choices and Privacy]

Appropriately dealing with user data collection choices is much more complex than it appears to be at first glance, and seemingly “obvious” solutions can actually carry the risk of surprisingly negative consequences.

Do-Not-Track, Doctor Who, and a Constellation of Confusion 

Lauren Weinstein - [Data Collection and Tracking Issues]

Popular calls for simplistic, government-enforced Internet “do-not-track” systems typically fail to recognize the complicated dynamics involved, and the amount of serious collateral damage that could easily result from such regimes.

The Bright Side of Sitting in Traffic: Crowdsourcing Road Congestion Data 

Dave Barth - [Location Data Crowdsourcing]

Using anonymous, “crowdsourced” cell phone location data to provide real-time traffic and other highly useful information to improve our daily lives.

Inside Match.com 

David Gelles - [Data Analysis]

More than just love!  The people and data science behind the world’s largest online dating site.

23andMe Uses Genetics Data to Help Attack Parkinson’s Disease

and Other Ills 

Dean Takahashi - [Data Analysis]

How analysis of individuals’ genetic data can reveal predisposition to diseases, and point the way toward possible treatments and cures.

Big Data Applied to Climate and Agriculture as a Service 

Quentin Hardy - [Data Analysis and Prediction]

Turning masses of weather, agricultural, and other data into the means to help farmers and everyone else who depends on them.

To Track or 'Do Not Track': Advancing Transparency and Individual Control in Online Behavioral Advertising 

Omer Tene, Jules Polonetsky - [Data Collection Choices and Privacy]

Paths toward achieving a practical coexistence between the benefits of online behavioral advertising, user controls, and privacy.

Big Data In HPC: Back To The Future 

Steve Conway - [Data Analysis and Visualization]

High performance computing’s role in solving data-intensive problems related to health, climate, commerce, power distribution, resources, and a multitude of other important areas.

The Elvis Presley View on the State of Big Data 

Robert Greene - [Data Analytics ]

The many diverse ways that data analytics can serve fields from finance to inventory logistics, and from transportation to climate science.  “Thank you, thank you very much!”

From Data to Decisions - The Power of Analytics 

Partnership for Public Service - [Data Analytics ]

How government agencies can better serve the pubic through the use of data analytics technologies and systems.

Tragedy of the Data Commons 

Jane Yakowitz - [Data Collection, Use, and Privacy ]

Why anonymized data is so important and beneficial for research and to society, and why campaigns condemning the use of anonymized data are unfortunately misguided.

Big data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity

James Manyika, Michael Chui, Brad Brown, Jacques Bughin, Richard Dobbs,

Charles Roxburgh, Angela Hung Byers - [Data Analytics]

Important “big data” studies of U.S./European healthcare, U.S. retail, and global manufacturing/location-data applications.

If Your Data Practices Were Made Public, Would You be Nervous? 

Audrey Watters (Solon Barocas interviewed) - [Data Collection, Use, and Privacy]

Why “data mining” performed with good practices can enable the understanding of important trends and lead to major discoveries, without harming privacy.